Dr Jane Casey
Psychiatrist and Psychogeriatrician

Assessment Services

Matters of mental capacity are task specific. The independent assessments are thorough, covering the individual’s overall mental and cognitive health, as well as their capacity to make a specific decision.

Examples of mental capacity include:

  • Writing or revising a will (testamentary capacity)
  • Capacity to appoint or revoke Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Capacity to make a significant gift
  • Capacity to understand a contract, deed or role in a Trust
  • Capacity to litigate
  • Capacity to marry, divorce and relationship property issues
  • Making decisions about property or future health care

For the Courts

Dr Jane Casey has had considerable experience in the writing of reports for the PPPR Act, estate litigation and other civil proceedings. Jane works efficiently and collaboratively with the Court and instructing Solicitors or Counsel to ensure that reports meet all relevant legal requirements.

Health Decisions

Impairment of mental capacity may reflect a serious health condition. Dr Jane is able to engage effectively with her patients and if indicated, ensure that there is follow-up with the individual to explore treatment and care options. This can also be important given the imperative to maximise capacity – mental capacity may be regained, for example, after treatment for depression or dementia. If appropriate, consultation and engagement with family and significant others is another strength.


Dr Jane Casey has acquired much experience in the retrospective assessment of capacity. There is usually a wealth of information available from which to be able to draw relevant conclusions. Jane has the ability to sift through and assimilate the pertinent information in such a situation, to be able to provide a comprehensive expert opinion.

Jane Casey, Psychiatrist and Psychogeriatrician Jane Casey, Psychiatrist and Psychogeriatrician